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Mike Peters of The Alarm

In an instant that Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel took to the stage at The Ground in Miami last night, those in attendance were instantly time-warpped back to the 1980’s. We are all here because we want to go back. We want to hear the music that has taken us through this journey in our lives and helped to make us the people that we are today. With that said, the bands came, we saw, and they conquered.

The Ground is a venue within Club Space in Miami. It only holds a few hundred people which make it a very intimate place to see your favorite bands up close and personal. This was my first time at this venue and it was perfect for what was about to happen here tonight.

We got to The Ground an hour early and made our way inside to connect with the tour manager. As we entered the VIP seating area, Jay Aston of Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel was quietly sitting alone on his phone. We talked a bit to him about how the tour was going and took a selfie. He told us at 6:00 pm there would be an intimate pre-show performance before the concert with all the bands on the bill. We got settled with the tour manager and was whisked with about twelve other VIP’s to the upper lounge where a makeshift stage was set up with acoustic instruments. One by one, band members began to arrive and the excitement level began to rise.

Modern English

Modern English was up first and lead off with their biggest hit “I Melt With You”. They did a couple of songs before turning it over to Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel. JAGLJ’s Jay Aston was saying that when the idea came up to do these live acoustic sets before the show, he wasn’t to crazy about the idea, but now loves it. He said that it gives the bands time to warm up and that he likes the fact that he can really hear the inflections and nuances in his vocals and that he can try new things with his voice during these acoustic sets. The last to perform an acoustic set was Mike Peters & The Alarm. They did an extended acoustic version of “Sixty Eight Guns” that was insane!

After a twenty minute break, it was finally showtime. JAGLJ took the stage to a full house of excited and enthusiastic fans. Jay Aston’s vocals were spot on and the energy this guy posses is psychotic. To me, he is a cross between Ric Ocasek and Peter Wolf. The sound was perfect and the high ceilings in the club assisted nicely. Their performance lasted about thirty-five minutes. After a quick set change, we could see the members of Modern English waiting stage-left to have their turn.

Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel

Modern English hit the stage for a forty minute greatest hits set that again, was perfect. Of course the crowd went wild when the guys played their biggest hit, “I Melt With You”. The band incorporated the audience into the song with a sing-along and everyone was thrilled to participate. I cant remember when I last heard a crowd singing that loud.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Mike Peters & The Alarm arrived to a roaring audience. Peters is looking very well and has the biggest grin on his face. His vocals mimic the recordings of the Eighties and he sounds better than ever! Peters played some selections from The Alarm’s new Sigma album and left “Rain In The Summertime” & “Sixty Eight Guns” for last.

"The Ground" Venue Inside Club Space In Miami

It was great to see these three great bands from the Eighties, and to know that they are doing well. After the show, it was back on to the tour bus for a trip across America to their next destination in California. Please visit their websites below to see if the Sigma Tour is coming to your area. If they are, you will be kicking yourself in the arse if you don’t catch them. Check out my interview with Mike Peters here on under the interviews section.

For more information about the bands and future touring dates, log on to their following websites…


Modern English:

Jay Aston’s gene Loves Jezebel:


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