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The Beach Boys Concert Review

I was nine years old in 1979. Growing up in California, the beach was the place my family went if the sun was shining on the weekend. We had a customized van and my dad would invite all of the kids in the neighborhood and we would head to Santa Monica Beach.

On a particular weekend, we arrived at the beach, which is renowned for its pier, and noticed a large crowd in the south end of the big parking lot. As we approached with curiosity, we noticed that a local radio station was hosting a roller-skating contest. The contest announcer was none other than the legendary disc jockey Rick Dees. I threw on a pair of skates and did not do well. I did receive a Peaches & Herb album as a consolation prize.

Leaving the parking lot, we saw a large stage erected on the beach and wondered what was going to be done with it. As noon-time approached, a large crowd began to form around the stage. Before you knew it, the answer to our question was answered.

As it turns out, the Beach Boys were doing a free concert. Excitement filled the air and the Boys began to play. What na treat it was to see the Beach Boys, in California, on the sand at the beach! Last night, the Beach Boys performed at the Hard Rock Event Center in Hollywood, Florida to a packed house. It was indoors and not on the beach, but the music and voices took me back to that weekend on the beach in 1979.

The evening began with “Do It Again” and immediately went into “Surfin’ Sarfari”, “Catch A Wave”, “Surfin’ USA”, and “Surfer Girl”. Two original members of the Beach Boys were in tonight’s line-up. Mike Love and Bruce Johnston were looking great and sounding even better. The musicians in the band were stellar and the Boys are sounding just as amazing as they ever have.

When you see the Beach Boys, you can bet that you are going to see a greatest-hits show. They brought out all of the classic songs that you grew up listening to, as well as a couple of new songs like “All The Love In Paris”, and a classic cover by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”.

The songs that brought the crowd to their feet included “California Girls”, “Help Me Rhonda”, “Kokomo”, “Good Vibrations”, and “Don’t Worry Baby” (My personal favorite of the night).

The night was concluded with an encore performance of “Fun Fun Fun” that brought the audience to their feet dancing. The Beach Boys may be older in years, but their performance came off like they were still in the 60’s. Their harmonies, musicianship, and stage presence is what is drawing in the crowds to still see and hear this pure and great American music that tells the stories of young America surfing, racing cars, and seeking out the perfect California girl.

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