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Shadow Entertainment and XLR8 Pictures Greenlight Production ofSteve Cropper: On the Record

A Captivating Journey into the Life and Legacy of Legendary Guitarist and Songwriter Steve Cropper

Nashville, TN –June 25, 2024 – Shadow Entertainment and XLR8 Pictures, the visionary producers behind the breakout series "Banded: The Musician Competition," are thrilled to announce the greenlight of their latest project, Steve Cropper: On the Record. This documentary film will be an engaging exploration of the life and career of one of the most influential guitarists and songwriters in music history.

Steve Cropper

Steve Cropper: On the Record will delve deep into the extraordinary journey of Cropper, from his humble beginnings to his iconic roles in bands like Booker T. & the M.G. 's, The Blues Brothers, and the Stax Records house band. The film will offer an intimate look at his groundbreaking contributions to the development of the “Memphis sound,” capturing the essence of his unparalleled talent and indelible impact on the music industry.

The filmmakers, in collaboration with Primary Wave Music, are passionately committed to creating a tribute that honors Steve Cropper's legendary career. "Steve Cropper's influence on music is immeasurable, we want to ensure his legacy is documented for generations to come. This film is a heartfelt tribute to his incredible journey and the mark he has left on the world of music,” said Executive Producer Joe Norelli.

Primary Wave’s Chief Content Officer Natalia Nastaskin adds, “Steve has played a remarkable role in the weaving of the fabric of important music history. Not only was he instrumental in shaping the Memphis sound as one its leading guitarists, he seamlessly navigated songwriting, producing, engineering, and pairing artists with repertoire to create the greatest hits of our times. We could not be more thrilled to collaborate with Steve, his extraordinary wife Angel, and the teams at Shadow Entertainment and XLR8 Pictures to tell Steve’s story in his words.”

Steve Cropper

“Audiences can expect a rich tapestry of interviews from a star-studded lineup of those who have had the privilege of working with Cropper over the years, offering firsthand insights into his artistry and character. The documentary will also feature rare archival footage and plenty of Cropper's timeless music, providing a comprehensive narrative from those who know him best,” said Director and Executive Producer Nico Albano.

Steve Cropper: On the Record promises to be a deeply moving and inspiring film that not only celebrates Cropper's storied career but also his enduring influence on the music industry. This documentary will captivate audiences with its authentic portrayal of a true musical legend.

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