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Pitbull’s “Can’t Stop Us Now” tour is a 50 date tour with openers Iggy Azalea and Sean Paul. At his show, Sean Paul was the opening act. Unfortunately, we were late but we were able to see him perform his last two songs.

Hard Rock Live was jumpin' and it was packed with people of all ages and ethnicities. Pitbull is a Latin American artist with a wide variety of his songs being sung in Spanish. Even though we didn’t know some of the Spanish lyrics we still danced along and had a great time.

Accompanied on the stage with Pitbull was his six backup dancers, who go by “The Most Bad Ones.” These female dancers were amazing and danced the entire show. On top of that, they had multiple outfit changes. They made the show better because Pitbull’s music is party-like and the audience was encouraged to clap and dance along with them.

The set list consisted of all of his popular songs. Most of his songs are mashups with artists such as “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” with Usher and “Feel This Moment” with Christina Aguilera. I was curious to see how he would perform these songs with the other artists not being present, but he would begin the song with his rap and the melody was a recording of the other artist. I didn’t mind this set up because Pitbull made the transitions seamless and the audience sang the chorus.

My favorite songs at this concert including the dance, performance and overall vibes were “Echa Pa’lla” and “Fireball.” The reason these two were my favorite is because the energy Pitbull and the crowd gave off. “Echa Pa’lla” is a mostly Spanish song but having listened to the song beforehand I was able to sing along since it’s repetitive. It was also cool to see Pitbull switch from English to Spanish and teach the audience lyrics of the song. “Fireball” was amazing to see live just because it’s such an iconic song. Everyone knew this song front and back which made seeing it in person awesome because the crowd was screaming along with Pitbull.

Pitbull put on an hour and a half set with his energy never diminishing. He is an amazing performer because of his gratefulness to his fans, which he expressed throughout the concert. He also paid homage to the ’80s, his favorite decade and to other artists such as Guns and Roses when he sang “Sweet Child O’ Mine ”and transitioned into his song “Rain Over Me.” It was touches like these that made his show relate to his diverse audience which made it more fun for everyone.



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