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P!nk Summer Carnival 2023 Tour, 11/15/2023

Amerant Bank Arena, Sunrise, Florida -

With torrential rains and flooding in our area for the past two days, I wasn't sure what tonight might bring while heading out to see P!nk’s Summer Carnival 2023 Tour at the Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise, FL.

At 7pm, I was one mole away from the arena with time to spare... or so I thought. Severe downpour and street flooding made for a two hour and ten minute wait in traffic to access the arena parking lot only to find the lot was underwater with nowhere to leave your vehicle. Many concertgoers vehicles were disabled by the high waters. With Pink already on stage, it was a mad dash to get into the arena. Without going into too much detail, we managed to get a spot for our car, walked through knee-high water, and finally get into the area for the start of Pink’s third song “Who Knew”. PHEW!!


Once inside, the circus atmosphere deleted the chaos of our arrival and set us up for an amazing night of song, pyrotechnics, aerial acrobats, and pink flamingos. As the concert progressed, we began to dry out (shoes still soaked to the max) and noticed that not one person was sitting down. Even during Pink’s slower moments, no seat was occupied.


The show is broken up into five different acts and the stage transitions were seamless throughout. This is a greatest hits show, with five new selections from her new Trustfall album that include the songs “Trustfall”, “Turbulence”, “Kids In Love”, “When I Get There”, “Runaway”, and “Last Call”. This concert is truly a circus atmosphere as I didn’t know where to look first.


It is very easy to see that Pink spares no expense when it comes to her concert tours. She is all about her fans and it shows in her interactions with the audience. Pink will shake hands and high-five, sing directly to fans, and even converse with them. She is a music icon without the diva attitude and it clearly shows.



Aerial acrobatics is the star of this show. For those that are seeing Pink for the first time, you can see the look on their faces when she leaves the stage to take flight of pure excitement and joy. The time that she puts into training for this type of performance must be very intense and grueling. For Pink, I am sure it is all in a days work.


The concert continued with the songs “Just Like A Pill”, “Just Give Me A Reason”, “F**kin’ Perfect”, and Just Like Fire” which showed pyrotechnics like I have never seen before.


Pink’s show-closing encore ended the night with the appropriate “Last Call” and finished with “So What”. While there are only a couple of shows left for this current tour, I desperately urge you to experience it for yourself while you can. Tickets are still available for the remaining shows but go extremely fast as showtime approaches. Whether you are a huge Pink fan or just getting into her music, you will not be disappointed in the quality of performance, musicianship, vocals, and stage presence with a concert by Pink. See you at the next show.



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