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JSP RECORDS is pleased to announce the release of a new two-CD retrospective set, ROCK N’ ROLL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, featuring one of the greatest and most enduring 1980’s all female New Wave rock bands, THE CATHOLIC GIRLS.

This title will be released on Friday, November 20, 2020. 

This exciting anthology covers recordings made from 1979 to 2017, including superb remixes of songs from their ground-breaking 1982 debut album “Catholic Girls.” It also presents 23 fully restored, previously unreleased recordings comprised of demos, alternates and five great never-before-heard songs (including the title track), as well as a compilation of songs drawn from their subsequent albums. All 41 tracks are newly remixed and remastered by acclaimed audio engineer John H. Haley of Harmony Restorations LLC assisted by Vincent J. Mazella. The detailed 20-page booklet provides a history of THE CATHOLIC GIRLS, together with numerous photos from their extensive career. In the early 1980’s, they were among the first of the all female New Wave bands who were signed by major labels (in their case, MCA), which would include such girl groups as the Go-Go’s, Bananarama and the Bangles. In a rock music world defined by transience, THE CATHOLIC GIRLS have persisted, continuing to produce distinctive, original music.

Pre-order the release here: All of their songs and lyrics are by lead singer GAIL PETERSEN, and none of the recordings heard in this set could possibly be mistaken for the work of any other group. For almost four decades, THE CATHOLIC GIRLS have broken all the rules and rocked the house, with sheer power, iron-willed longevity, tenacity and unforgettable music.


• “an exhilarating journey through pure, ecumenical pop and punchy, snare drum-pounding dance music” — BOSTON GLOBE • “will inevitably be compared to The Go-Go’s, which is unfortunate since this is an all-female band with considerably more ability. Leader Gail Petersen has definite talent as a songwriter--there’s a great deal of wit and verve here.” — THE TENNESSEAN (Nashville) • “sets a new standard for what rock, pop, punk and blues music ought to be.” — MUSIC WORLD MAGAZINE • “frighteningly good ... aggressive pop music that can go toe-to toe with anything on the current market.” — BERKELEY GAZETTE • “a delightful collection of sin, guilt and rock and roll” — PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE



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