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  • Yadith Mieses


Colombian singer, songwriter, & actor Juan Luis Londono Arias, known worldwide as MALUMA, made a stop at Hard Rock Live Thursday night and performed a spectacular concert to a sold-out crowd at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.


Maluma's performance was part of the inaugural Miami Grand Prix Formula 1 Race being held this weekend at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. Fans had been anticipating this performance since it was announced and the day has finally arrived. The air of excitement could be cut with a knife as the 8 pm stage time drew near. Drinks from the bars flowed, bathroom lines grew long, and merchandise tables were overflowing with Maluma/Formula 1 integrated clothing and souvenirs to mark the occasion.

With the venue full, the anticipation and excitement grew even stronger. The crowd began to get a bit antsy with every fifteen minutes that passed by after the 8 pm start time, and still no Maluma. Those that have seen Maluma perform in the past know that he is no stranger to exceeding his start time for a show. as the clock hand hit the 9 pm mark, the lights went dark and we all knew we were in for something special.

Maluma took to the stage donning his pink hair and a colorful pink and orange outfit. The audience rushed to their feet and began a night of great music and dancing while Maluma kicked off the performance with one of his biggest hits Hawai. For a moment, I thought I was at a soccer match with the way the fans were loudly singing along with Maluma. What a way to start the show.

The outpouring of love for Maluma was evident and Maluma himself seemed genuinely touched. This night was filled with some of the biggest songs from Maluma's music catalog. Songs such as Madrid, Corazon, and Mama Tetema radiated throughout Hard Rock Live while the crowd performed with Maluma, singing to the rafters.


The fans were jovial and enjoyed every minute of his performance. Maluma held the audience in his hands the entire time and loved each and every one of them back. This concert was a feast for the eyes. The stage lighting and lasers were just as colorful as Maluma's hair and outfit and the sound was pulsating and bass-filled, but not too loud and overbearing. The show came to an end with the songs Mala Mia, Sobrio, and Chantaje, and circled back to the beginning with another performance of Hawai.

Maluma's Hard Rock Live performance was one for the books and we can not wait for him to return again sometime soon.


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