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Ever wondered what it feels like to be on the other side of Michael Carbonaro as he works his magic to make people believe the unbelievable? This is your chance to find out! From his hit television series “The Carbonaro Effect” on truTV, magician Michael Carbonaro brings his signature blend of bizarre antics, audience interaction, hilarious video clips, and mind-blowing magic, live on stage! Don’t miss out on your chance to feel the effect of Michael Carbonaro… LIVE!

"Genial  and witty...utterly convincing" -THE NEW YORK TIMES

Best known for his witty magic TV show The Carbonaro Effect on Tru-TV, Michael Carbonaro will be performing a live, interactive show at the Parker Playhouse on Wednesday, April 10. Cabonaro took time out of his busy traveling schedule to talk with about his love of magic, his hit television show The Carbonaro Effect, and a possible Vegas residency.

"A smart-ass with a heart of gold." -TELLER (of Penn and Teller)

To hear the interview in it's entirety, click on the video box below. Here is a brief peek into the history of Michael Carbonaro...


Known for his original hidden camera magic series, THE CARBONARO EFFECT on truTV, Michael Carbonaro has been seen on television in shows such as Happily Divorced, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI Miami.  A performing magician since his youth, Carbonaro went on to study experimental theater at New York University with the aspirations of entertaining audiences through a variety of theatrical mediums, including hidden-camera magic, which he later showcased frequently on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

"The audience laughs, cheers and applauds wildly." -LOS ANGELES TIMES

Carbonaro’s late night appearances then launched him into stardom through his hit comedic series, “The Carbonaro Effect,” on truTV.  A trickster at heart, Michael performs inventive tricks on unsuspecting members of the public who are unaware that he is a magician.  Jaws drop when he causes a car to disappear from under a security guard’s nose or makes alien crabs transform into kittens in a science lab.  Whether posing as a coffee shop barista, museum curator, or seemingly unremarkable store clerk in the REAL world, Carbonaro's illusions – along with his absurd, matter-of-fact explanations – leave REAL people bewildered and families at home laughing out loud. 

"A few other magicians and illusionists have made television shows by using their skills to punk the unsuspecting, but none have worked the gimmick better than Michael Carbonaro." -THE NEW YORK TIMES

Michael regularly showcases his bizarre antics and mind-blowing magic at corporate events and through his highly-acclaimed national theater tour, “Michael Carbonaro Live!”

Michael’s extensive list of accolades includes the “OUTFEST Best Actor” award as well as the “Magician of the Year” honor, bestowed upon him by the Academy of Magical Arts in 2015.  In 2016, he was the inaugural recipient of the Copperfield Prize which recognizes an individual for elevating the art of magic. 

For more information about Michael Carbonaro and upcoming tour dates, log on to his website at



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