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"Keyboards Unleashed: An Exclusive Journey with Michael Bluestein of Foreigner"


Join us for a special interview with the renowned Foreigner Keyboardist, Michael Bluestein, as we delve into his musical journey and exciting insights into the upcoming performance at iThink Amphitheater on July 19, 2024, in West Palm Beach, Florida!

Read on for a captivating conversation with a music maestro as we gear up for a night filled with nostalgia and electrifying performances. Don't miss your chance to witness a legendary show that will leave you wanting more! Save the date and mark your calendars for a musical experience like no other!


Q: What inspired you to become a keyboardist, and how did you join Foreigner?

A:I was inspired by artists like Elton John and Billy Joel. I joined Foreigner in 2008 after being recommended by a mutual friend.

Q: How do you approach creating keyboard parts for Foreigner's iconic songs?

A: focus on enhancing the songs while respecting the original arrangements, adding my own style to create a fresh sound.

Q: Can you share a memorable experience from touring with Foreigner?

A: Playing at iconic venues like Madison Square Garden and meeting passionate fans around the world have been unforgettable.

Q: What equipment and keyboard instruments do you typically use on stage?

A: I use a variety of keyboards including Yamaha and Roland models, ensuring the best sound for each Foreigner performance.


Q: How do you prepare for a live show with Foreigner, both mentally and musically?

A: I stay focused by practicing regularly and mentally preparing to deliver the best performance possible for our fans.

Q: Which Foreigner song do you enjoy performing live the most, and why?

A: "Cold as Ice" is one of my favorites for its energetic keyboard parts and the crowd's enthusiastic response whenever we play it.

Q; How has the evolution of technology influenced your approach to playing keyboards with Foreigner?

A: Technology has allowed me to experiment with new sounds and effects, enhancing our live performances and studio recordings.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring keyboardists looking to pursue a career in the music industry?

A: Stay dedicated to your craft, practice rigorously, and be open to learning from others to continuously improve your skills.

Q: How do you maintain a balance between your personal life and the demands of touring with Foreigner?

A: Balancing personal time with the demands of touring is challenging, but I prioritize self-care and staying connected with loved ones whenever possible.

Q: Can you tease any upcoming projects or tours that Foreigner fans can look forward to?

A: We're constantly working on new music and planning exciting tours, so Foreigner fans can expect more great music and epic performances in the future.


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