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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Hello everyone, this is editor Bill Hernandez and today I have the honor of speaking with Foreigner bassist, Jeff Pilson. As a long time staple with the classic rock band Foreigner, You will also know Jeff from the band's Dio and MSG, as well as his own bands War & Peace and Lynch/ Pilson.

Foreigner, along with Loverboy, will be playing the ithink Amphitheater on July 8th in West Palm Beach Florida for their Historic Farwwell Tour. 2023.

Pilson has taken time out of his busy schedule to talk with me today and answer questions that some of you wanted me to ask him. This interview is short, but to the point.


Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me today, Jeff.

- My pleasure. Good to be here.

Right off the bat, the big question is,. Is this really the final tour for Foreigner?

- Itis, but we know it is not going to end in 2023, we are going into 2024 at this point. This is the beginning of the farewell tour but that doesn't mean that it is all over in '23, that's for sure.

Why is now the right time to do this farewell tour?

- A Lot of it boils down for our singer, Kelly Hansen.this stuff is very, very challenging to sing and he has done an incredible job for 18 years. He just recently got married and I think that he would like to have a life, and the idea is to go out while the band is on top. Kelly doesn't want to be one of those guys that goes up there and starts cheating vocally and singing in different keys. He wants to keep it true and I totally respect and endorse that. That's all part of our reasoning... Go out while the band is on fire!

Can we ask about Mick Jones? The last 2 shows that have happened here in South Florida Have not seen Mick on the stage. Will he be making any appearances during the Historic Farewell Tour?

- I would imagine so, but there is nothing on the books as of yet. Mick's health is doing well, but just the idea of Mick going out on the road is not looked upon favorably, Bill. If it did happen it would be limited dates here and thereIn the meantime, at least his health is good and his mental health is good so that's all good stuff.

What are your plans once this tour with Foreigner ends?

- It depends on when the tour ends. Honestly, I would love to travel less, which is something I am looking forward to. I would love to do a lot of recording. I have a beautiful studio and I love making music in it and I would love to make a lot of great records once this is over. Well just have to see.

In your time with Foreigner, is there anything you have recorded with the band, in the "vault", that may see the light in the future?

- Yes! There are ideas being kicked around. Whether they would happen before the end of this tour... I would hope by 2024. we will see. There is no particular time frame for this, but there are some great ideas floating around. so, we will have to see what happens with that. Yes, there is a plan to put stuff out.

This is our 4th interview together in the last few years. It is always such a pleasure to speak with you. I wish you the best on this last tour and hopefully we get to talk again in the future real soon.

- Thank you so much, man! We will talk soon and I guess I will see you backstage at the show.


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