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Interview: Jake Kiley Of Strung Out.

Strung Out punk guitarist Jake Kiley has twenty-five years under his belt with the band. With a new album in the works and a slew of tour dates, it is easy to see that everyone will get to see these amazing musicians play live.

Jake took time out of his busy schedule to talk with Bill Hernandezof Click on the video link below to hear the interview in it's entirety.

Here is a little about Strung Out...

STRUNG OUT’s beloved Element of Sonic Defiance is being released on June 8th as part of our Classic Vinyl Series. This release marks the first time it will be available on vinyl and commemorates the 10th anniversary of Element. We’ve got a limited amount of color vinyl available so snatch it up by clicking here, your entire order will ship in June. Take a peek at what Jake and Jordan put together about the release

The Element of Sonic Defiance was a very special and important album in the progression of Strung Out. We can remember writing it and feeling like we had no limits or boundaries on us and that it was the most dynamic stuff we had written up ‘til that point. It may have seemed like a big change to our fans but it really was an honest extension of a lot of the stuff we were doing on Twisted By Design, as well as our first recording with Chris. At the time it seemed like a lot of people didn’t quite get it, but now it’s become a cult classic to a lot of our fans. It’s for sure an album we’re all quite proud of and we wouldn’t change nothing about it. We’re happy that it’s finally coming out on vinyl for all our fans that still love records.

29 Sep, 2009 - Strung Out, Agents Of The Underground Out Today!

STRUNG OUT’s brand new record, Agents Of The Underground, comes out today! Agents Of The Underground was produced by Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Social Distortion, Ignite) and can be heard on AOL Spinner! Check out this new interview with Jason from STRUNG OUT! Available for a free download, you can get two tracks off Agents Of The Underground titled “Black Crosses” and “Vanity”. Strung Out embark on a huge tour this October which includes Japan and Costa Rica, dates are below but be sure to visit their website to get the scoop on last minute additions and news. Agents Of The Underground can be purchased via cd, vinyl or ITunes!


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