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Harley Benton packs all-solid construction and onboard electronics into its sub-$200 CLD-60SCE

By Richard Bienstock / Bill Hernandez

Photo: Courtesy of Harley Benton

What can we say about Harley Benton at this point? Whether it’s a $244 double-cut electric or a $74 travel guitar, the company has continually given us impressive instruments at excessively low prices. Now Harley Benton has done it again, only on the acoustic guitar end of things, with the CLD-60SCE.

The new model features a dreadnought cutaway shape, with a solid spruce top and mahogany back, sides and neck, as well as a Roseacer fretboard with 20 vintage-size frets. Other features include an HB-03 preamp with an integrated tuner, a dual-action truss rod and scalloped X-bracing.

The CLD-60SCE is offered in Gloss Black or Natural finishes, and at a price of – wait for it – just $117.

Photo: Courtesy of Harley Benton

A reliable all-round acoustic guitar with a big, big sound that’s still easy to play: that’s the CLD-60SCE BK. The back, sides and neck are constructed from mahogany, while the top is crafted from solid spruce, giving the CLD-650SCE a rounded, deep yet detailed tone. A comfortable roseacer fretboard is loaded with 20 vintage-size frets, accessible all the way up to the dusty end thanks to the convenient cutaway. A robust, road-ready preamp with built-in tuner transfers your sound to PA systems or interfaces with no fuss. This is a great-sounding guitar for playing at home or on holiday, street performances or studio recordings.


  • back & sides: mahogany (Sapele Entandrophragma cylindricum)

  • top: solid spruce

  • neck: mahogany (Sapele Entandrophragma cylindricum)

  • fingerboard: roseacer

  • scalloped x-bracing

  • dovetail construction

  • dual-action truss rod

  • inlays: dots

  • 20 vintage size frets

  • nut: plastic

  • nut width: 43 mm (1,69")

  • scale: 643 mm (25,3")

  • bridge material: roseacer

  • saddle: plastic

  • pre-amp: HB-03 preamp with integrated tuner

  • tuners: die-cast

  • colour: natural

  • stock strings: phosphor bronze .012 - .052

Harley Benton also has superb electric and bass guitars, as well as DIY-Kits that you can build yourself. They also manufacture ukeleles, amps, and effects pedals and much more. Check out their website:

Photo: Courtesy of Harley Benton

To pick one (or two) up, head to Thomann Music.



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