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Updated: Nov 14, 2022


"I love creative endeavors. I like starting with nothing and then finishing with something that didn’t exist before." - DAVID COOK

David Cook (and yes, the same David Cook who launched into stardom following his American Idol Season Seven win – breaking several Billboard chart records when 14 of his songs debuted on the Hot Digital Songs chart and 11 of his songs debuted on the Hot 100) certainly knows his way around a good song. His first album, Analog Heart, came out pre-Idol, and his last album, Digital Vein, nicely book-ended that chapter of Cook’s career, a chapter during which he sold more than 2 million albums (including his platinum-certified eponymous album) and, collectively, more than 5 million tracks (including two platinum-certified singles) worldwide.

David continues to find success, not only for himself, but also as a writer for other artists and touring throughout the world. 2018 brought an exciting new EP from Cook – Chromance. “I was a ‘rock’ guy, but the further away I’ve gotten from that, the more I’ve opened up and found inspiration in the peripherals. I wouldn’t have had the courage earlier in my career, but now I have the confidence to go after the sound I want.” A fan of both Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails, Cook always admired how they pushed the envelope and brought pop elements into rock music. “I used them as a bedrock for Chromance and how I wanted the record to feel.”

David Cook will bring his live show and music catalog to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on Nov.17, 2022.Tickets are still available through the Broward Center box office and Ticketmaster.

Cook took time out of his busy touring schedule to talk with bill Hernandez at about touring, Broadway, charity, and what is next for him...

'David, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today. Our last conversation was back in 2017/18. I think you would agree that a lot has happened since then'.

A: That is an understatement.

Q: The past 2 years, has seen so much happen throughout the world, and of course I'm talking about the pandemic. During the 2 months of lockdown, what did you do keep busy? Were you writing and recording at home, Doing things around the house, or just taking advantage of of time off from the road?

A: I took the opportunity, in as much as it was an opportunity, to just kind of slow down for a minute, be present at home and really sort of assess what the last decade and a half has been like. It’s been such a crazy experience. I have been so busy fortunately, over the years, it was nice to have that sort of mental break to just look over everything and to just figure out what I wanted to say, moving forward. I dove into songwriting and ended up writing an EP called “The Looking Glass” that I released in 2021, it just really encapsulated, you know, my experiences, and just kind of navigating this pandemic. The goal is to put out an album that people could find something for themselves .

Q: We're very excited to see you next week, on November 17th at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. You have fans that come out every time you're on tour. How do you go about keeping your shows fresh and relevant, so as to not repeat shows from prior tours?

A: That has always been a big Litmus test for me as far as putting shows together. We try to keep the setlist’s alive, try to keep them as sort of a living organism. Fortunately, over the years, I have been able to build up more of a catalog . With that you kind of take songs out, put songs in, move stuff around. On top of that, I think every show is sort of it’s own thing and that’s one of the things I have taken a lot of pride in, as far as our live shows and each show is sort of it’s own eco system. It becomes it’s own symbiotic experience between us and the audience. So I feel like the audience is just as responsible for, or just as much a part of, the experience. So that’s really how we have always operated. We want each show to feel like this show is one of a kind, this show will never exist again . You are getting an experience that no one else is going to get, and that is sort of what we have always strived for.


Q: While on tour, what do you do, if anything, to maintain your vocals?

A: That has been a challenge. Particularly, I think, coming out of the pandemic, where I was off the road for so long, there had to be some concerted effort to build back some stamina. Our shows are challenging, we like the challenge of it, so vocally it’s just trying to make smart decisions and trying to stay away from dairy (laughs). I just figure out where my voice sits on the spectrum, how to maximize recovery, and then fight through any discomfort and try to put on the best show possible.

Q: You've also found success on Broadway with The great white way, and kinky boots. Do you enjoy the aspect of touring more than, let's say performing for a couple of weeks on a Broadway stage at a single venue, or do you equally enjoy both?

A: I just think they are different beasts. Broadway was, particularly the role I did, I was fortunate enough to play Charlie Price in Kinky Boots, you know, a hundred and twelve page script, Charlie was not on stage for twelve pages, something like that. You are on stage talking a lot, singing a lot but you are able to recover easier ‘cause at the end of the show, you go back to your apartment and you are sleeping in a bed. You have more control over your environment. The road, it’s just not as much dialog but more singing and the recovery process is more fluid just ’cause it’s in a moving vehicle or you are in a hotel room where you don’t have as much control over the environment. They are just very different experiences. I do love them both and hopefully look forward to doing them both.


Q: One of the great things about you, is that you are an amazing humanitarian. You are very big on fundraising and charity, especially for your work in behalf of organization such as a National Brain Tumor Society, Race for Hope-DC, The Cancer Center at Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas City and Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in your hometown of Kansas City. We appreciate you bringing awareness and raising so much money for these events.

A: Thank you. I have been afforded this awesome platform, however long I get to have it, I would feel awful if I wasted that platform on something trivial as myself and my own ego. I have been really fortunate to partner with some great organizations, some great events that raise money for what I think are great and important causes. I can’t imagine anybody has been able to escape themselves or a family member or a friend having to deal with something as awful as cancer. To be able to use that platform, one that I have been afforded to hopefully use and raise some funds to help battle those illnesses. What an awesome thing to do. The credit, honestly goes to those organizations and to my fans for supporting them. I look at it as I am afforded a microphone so why not use it?

Q: With all of your accomplishments In music, theater, and your personal life, what do you see happening next for you?

A: Honestly, my only goal right now is to just make a living doing what I am doing and be happy doing it. I have been able to sort of find an awesome life-balance and i am holding on with both hands, you know, and just enjoy the creative process wherever it takes me and I think I am going to do that.



Nov 09, 2022

He has a forever fan here!! Amazing voice....amazing man!!

Nov 10, 2022
Replying to

David Cook has been from the first my Idol ! It’s been 14 years of following him as he chased his dreams and making them happen! Standing in his truths as he consistently sought out new challenges has been invigorating as a fan! From his music 🎶 to a leading role in Kinky Boots Broadway 🎭 .. #NobodyDiesItBetter

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