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Collective Soul To Play Mizner Park Amphitheater

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Back on the road and ready to release a brand new album in 2019, Collective Soul, along with Soul Asylum, and 3 Doors Down are only a few days into their Rock N Roll Express tour. The bands will be here in Boca Raton on Tuesday at the Mizner Park Amphitheater.

Collective Soul Drummer Johnny Rabb took time from his busy touring schedule to talk with

Q: Hello Johnny how are you doing?

A: Oh I’m doing pretty good, but I got to talk a little on the low side because I’m coming out of the end of a cold.

Q: Yeah, I can hear that.  Instead of letting our audience hear the audio, will put it up on the website in print instead.

 Q: I saw you guys were in Jacksonville last night. How are things going two days into the tour?

 A: last night was a really good show and things are going better than you would think. Everything’s going great so far. Soul Asylum comes out first, then Collective Soul, followed by three doors down   We also have two brand new songs in our set from the album that is slated to come out in 2019.  Crowd has been great and everything.

Q: As a drummer, are you self-taught?

A: Actually no. I started by myself around the age of three,  and then I had a drum teacher all throughout school.  It was great to actually learn to read music and all the styles, Then I went to the Berklee College of Music to learn music education, and then off to Nashville.

I really have a lot of teachers to thank who provided me with that education.

Q: Growing up, who were some of the bands you were listening to then that may have helped shape the style of your music?

A: I started off really young, hearing Rush for the first time was a big deal. I got to hear Neil Peart play. So, Neil Peart and then I got into a lot of 80s pop music, Everything from The Cars to Devo, and Men At Work.

Q: You mentioned before that two new songs will be played in your set during this tour. Did you record this latest album in one location?

A: Well, we started in the Atlanta, and then went to a place called the Barbershop in New Jersey which was obviously on the lake. We did nine songs, with a total of 19 songs we are hoping to get out next year. 

Collective Soul

 Q: Is it safe to say then that once this new album is released, we might hear songs with a different recording value because they were recorded in separate studios?

 A: They very well could be because each studio provides its own individual environment.

Q: Once his tour is done and the album is released, what is next for you and Collective Soul?

A: Well, next year is Collective Soul’s 25th anniversary and I think we will be doing a lot of touring then In support of the new album.

Q: Thank you, Johnny, for your time and consideration in doing this interview with today.

 A: No problem, it is my pleasure. Thank you very much for supporting the band.

Q: Is my pleasure as well. If we could come back either before or after the show to say hello, that would be great.

A: Absolutely, of course. I will look forward to that. 



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