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Solid performances from both Collective Soul & Switchfoot took concertgoers on a time

machine trip back to the 90's


Photo(s) By: Kimberly Rodriguez-Lepp

Last night, Christian rock band Switchfoot and Alternative rock band Collective Soul took to the stage at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater to a sold-out crowd despite the threat of rain.

Switchfoot was the first band to grace the stage. Frontman Jon Foreman and the band put on an amazing performance and took us back to the good old days of the 1990's. Start to finish, Switchfoot didn't miss a beat and, aside from their fantastic hits, the band played a medley of popular 90's songs from bands like Blur, Weezer, The Verve, and Beastie Boys. Switchfoot's performance was nostalgic and welcoming and kept the audience on their feet the whole time. At this point in the show, Foreman took to the audience and made his way throughtout the venue via a wireless mic system. Although Switchfoot mainly appealed to faith-based fans, this audience was all-welcoming and were disappointed when their set ended, wanting more.

Photo(s) By: Kimberly Rodriguez-Lepp

Nearing 9pm, headliners Collective Soul take the stage and break out into "Cut The Cord", "Heavy", "All Our Pieces", and the mega-hit "Shine". The crowd on their feet as Singer Ed Roland keeps their attention in his multi-colored suit. Roland's energy is enough to power a small Country and his interactions with the audience keeps everyone on point and invested in this night of great rock music. All the hits that you would expect from Collective Soul rolled out one after another... "December", "Gel", "The World I Know", and a great rendition of REM's "The One I Love" rounded out the show. The band ended with the song "Run", which is what they did right after they left the stage.

This was a great concert and one that will stay with me for a while. The weather held itself back to let the audience have this night of amazing music by some pretty amazing bands we grew up with. Great to see they still got it.



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