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Updated: Apr 9, 2020


Photo credit: Andran Mantashyan

It has been a busy decade for L.A.-based platinum recording artist SEBU. He put out two critically acclaimed albums on Capitol Records with his band Capital Cities, whose Grammy-nominated electro-pop global smash “Safe and Sound”—initially written as a demo for a cola ad and rejected—topped the charts and received an MTV award. He appeared on Fallon, Kimmel, Letterman, Ellen and Conan, toured five continents, opened for Katy Perry, played the biggest festivals (Coachella x2, Bonnaroo x2, Lollapalooza x4), collaborated with the likes of Brian Wilson, Andre 3000, Rick Ross, Serj Tankian and Sirusho and even performed the national anthem at an MLB game.

Enter 2020 and SEBU is preparing to share his proudest accomplishment with the world. It’s a collection of a dozen songs—deeply personal explorations of a wide range of emotions and musical styles. It is SEBU’s forthcoming debut album, aptly titled Many Faces.

The album will feature a number of previously released tracks including his latest single/video “Have You Ever Hurt Somebody.” The track is available today (Apple Music / Spotify / Google Play / Amazon) and you can find the video here:

“Have You Ever Hurt Somebody” is a duet with Armenian singer/songstress Sirusho. SEBU co-directed the music video with ACRS. In it SEBU plays a guilt-ridden boyfriend that sings “I would rather fight with you than make love to someone else.” At the dramatic climax, SEBU undergoes an emotional and physical transformation. He shaves off his iconic beard which his Capital Cities fans have come to know him for.

SEBU IN A CLIP FROM THE VIDEO “Have You Ever Hurt Somebody”

This is not the first time SEBU and Sirusho have collaborated. SEBU wrote, produced and sang on Sirusho's dual-language dance anthem “Vuy Aman,” which will reappear on SEBU’s album in the form of a new, darker arrangement by THRPST.

A previously released track, “The Secret Is Out” is about a war veteran with PTSD. A heavy beat and massive synths lay the foundation for glistening strings and heart-wrenching vocals. SEBU sings desperately: “I’m in a cloud of smoke, and I’m choking on tears and lies / See the flames inside my mind flare out my eyes.” Then, in a dark whimsical twist, SEBU begs, “Don’t kill me, dance with me, just don’t tell anybody.”

The animated video (, written by SEBU and directed by Marco Pavone, depicts a female soldier coming home from battle, stuck between two worlds—a thunderstorm and a desert heatwave. She is unable to shake the visions of destruction, but her loved one finally extends a caring hand, and they slow-dance through the fading nightmare.

By the way, the cola company that once rejected a fledgling musician came around and licensed “Safe and Sound” for an ad after all. You can watch the original commercial demo and much much more at his website

Check out Sebu's latest side-offering featuring Serj Tankian of System of a Down and Armenian rapper MISHO. 

You may purchase this single by clicking on this link...

Photo credit: Jake Hagopian

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