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Canned Heat Interview with Skip Taylor

Canned Heat and their longtime tour manager Skip Taylor will be in Boca Roaton, Florida at the Funky Biscuit on Saturday, October 26th. Taylor has been the manager/tour manager for the band since day-one. After you buy your tickets, check out this interview with Skip Taylor. Just click on the video box below to hear the interview in it's entirety.

In the meantime, Here is a brief history about the band, Canned Heat...

Formed in Los Angeles, Canned Heat has enjoyed a lengthy, colorful, wildly interesting and acclaimed career that began in 1965.  

Starting as a pure blues band, they are generally acknowledged as the first blues band to cross over into the rock and pop mainstream by-virtue-of their two memorable classic hits, Going Up the Country and On the Road Again.  (Going Up the Country has been a staple in Geico commercials for over a year now and counting.) The band also had a chart hit in 1970 with Let’s Work Together.

The band’s set at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 was not only one of the highlights of the festival but Going Up the Country was featured prominently in the 1970 Woodstock documentary. 

The band became renowned for interpreting classic blues tracks by older blues artists, making them into their own songs by adding a mix of various musical styles including rock, pop, jazz, raga, psychedelia and, of course, their version of the blues. (On the Road Again was an updated version of the 1953 version of the song by bluesman Floyd Jones, while Going Up the Country was a remake of a 1927 blues song.)

The band’s classic 60s line-up of Fito, lead singer Bob Hite, guitarists Al Wilson and Henry Vestine and bassist Larry Taylor is still regarded as one of the best band of the 60s “hippie era.”  They also gained the respect of many of the older blues artists whose songs they have covered.

The band has survived and thrived over the years despite numerous lineup changes and currently, with de la Parra and Taylor as the band’s anchors, continues to tour relentlessly worldwide to both longtime and new fans who have come to love the band’s classic sound.

de la Parra wrote a critically acclaimed autobiography (Living the Blues) which chronicles in extreme detail the band’s successes and excesses from over the years, which is now in its fourth printing.  Tragic, humorous and wildly entertaining, the book is a must read.

In addition, Mike Judge (creator of the Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill TV series, amongst others) will be directing and producing a film about the band based on Fito’s book.  And 2019 will be a big year for the band as they help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock.



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