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Anyone who knows anything about music, knows that Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny is currently the most popular Latin singer on the planet. Bad Bunny: Worlds Hottest Tour is making history and breaking both attendance and sales records in just the first four shows. Miami has been blessed to have Bad Bunny at the Hard Rock Stadium for two nights of great music and never-before-seen spectacles.

Tonight, Bad Bunny is bringing his hit album "Un Verano Sin Ti" to life by bringing the albums concept to the stage in the form of an ultimate beach party complete with fireworks, flying dolphins, and yes, a floating island. This is an auditory and visual spectacle that you will not soon forget.

As the lights went down in the stadium, the sold out crowd erupted into a frenzy of excitement that rivaled the Shea Stadium concert put on by the Beatles in August of 1964. Sound, lights, smoke, and a deafening roar welcomed the beginning of what was to be one of the most amazing and satisfying concert experiences I have had the pleasure of witnessing.

As the smoke began to fade away and "La Playa" began to become visible, Bad Bunny appeared on a beach chair, with a cooler by his side, and a cold drink in his hand. A large LED screen, along with two other opposing screens, began to show tropical island images while Bad Bunny broke into his first song "Moscow Mule".

Bad Bunny spent a large portion of the show from the stage which looked like a tropical island destination, complete with palm trees, "sand", and a dock that wrapped around and out into the audience. After playing a few songs ("Party", "Otra Noche En Miami", "Bichyal", "DAKITI" and "Callaita" , among others) Bad Bunny ventured out onto the "dock" that would allow him to get a little more personal with the audience further out in the center of the stadium.

Towards the end of the show, a pair of untethered remote controlled dolphins began to fly around the arena while pyrotechnics, lasers and music filled the air. One of the most interesting and amazing things I have witnessed in a concert was when Bad Bunny stepped upon a floating island that took him to new heights, literally, allowing him to visit fans at the higher tiers of the stadium.


After landing back on solid ground, the show concluded with "El Apagon" and "Despues De La Playa". The frenzied fans begged for more, but the show came to it's inevitable end.

Whether you know Bad Bunny's music or not, you owe it to yourself to venture out to one of hjs performances, providing you can get a ticket. There is a very good reason the name of this tour is called "The Worlds Hottest Tour". Believe me, you will not regret it.



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