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We all know that the best boy band in the entire universe is Backstreet Boys, right? We buy their albums, watch their videos on YouTube, and go to their concerts when they come to our town. Would it be awesome if you could actually meet all five members of the Backstreet Boys and have your photo taken with them? Well, read on... Here is what we know about the BSB meet & greets.

For most of the BSB Meet & Greets and VIP Experiences, you must also purchase a show ticket. Once you place your ticket order, you will have the opportunity to purchase a M&G or VIP Experience. That is, if there are any available. M&G and VIP are very limited and are available on a fist come, first serve basis. Once done, you will receive an email a few days before the scheduled show date with details on time and place to meet for the M&G or VIP.

There are other band member Experiences as well. For example, if your BSB crush has always been Howie D, he is having his own Experience available. How cool would it be to attend the Which One Am I listening party? Here is what is included, along with the link to purchase...

Howie D: Which One Am I? Listening Party

3-4 song Playback and ConversationQ&A SessionMeet & Greet With HowieAutographed and Personalized Album

Please note: This event is Separate from the BSB VIP Packages. You WILL need a concert ticket in order to attend. Listening party announcements will be made 1-2 weeks before the show comes to your area. Purchase yours here:

Price: $150.00 USD.

Brian Littrell's son Baylee is opening for his dad and the boys. If you are a Baylee fan and would like to attend his VIP Meet & Greet, click here for details:

Baylee Littrell VIP Upgrade

Meet and Greet with Baylee

Individual Photograph with Baylee

Acoustic Performance by Baylee

Q&A Session with Baylee

One Autographed Item 

Digital Download of Baylee's Newest Single

Price: $99.00 USD.

What Happens On The Backstreet is a great website dedicated to everything Backstreet Boys. Here is their breakdown about the General Admission, M&G and VIP Experiences...

There seems to be two MAJOR questions being asked and we’re here to give you facts and an honest opinion to answer both.

What Time Do I Need To Line Up For General Admission?


Those with VIP Meet and Greet and Beat The Line General Admission tickets ARE let into the venue first.Just because they are let into the venue first does not mean you are guaranteed first in line. What we mean by this is… if you are let into the venue and go to buy a drink or merch before getting into line, there is not really a guarantee that you will be up front in line.You are allowed to line up for General Admission as early as you like – we saw people there in the early afternoon.There is NOT a “better side” to be on. The Boys try to divide themselves as much as possible. Being on the right side, we did see all of them.RUNNING into the “pit” will get you stopped by security – they’re not playing.You will be standing the whole time, but there is plenty of room to move around if you don’t try to squeeze into a spot.If you think not being against the stage means no Boy time, you’re wrong. They can definitely see everyone standing there.


Don’t stress lining up early. For most everyone we have talked to, the time people got in line did NOT mean a better or worse spot in the GA pit. We can not stress enough – THERE IS NOT A BAD SPOT. Once doors open, you have to split and go through metal detectors, then a photographer takes a photo of you and your friends against a background (for later purchase) before you even head down to the line to get INTO GA. There are a number of factors that could speed you up / slow you down. If you would rather use your time to sight see or relax, go for it! If waiting to line up stresses you out, go ahead! Just make sure you’re ENJOYING yourself – not sabotaging your experience. VIP Tables decidedly have the best view of the entire stage in our opinion, but there is an energy in the GA that you can’t get anywhere else. The Boys don’t interact *quite* as much as during IAWLT, but that could change as they get more comfortable. We definitely got our fair share and Kevin has been drinking peoples beers since then!As aforementioned, we didn’t feel like we got jipped by getting to see some Boys more than others – it was pretty fair for both sides.Make friends with those around you. If you have to pee, they’ll stretch to save your spot and if they know your favorite Boy is coming, maybe they’ll move aside so you can have your moment (and maybe even take a photo)!HAVE FUN! Like we said, the Boys can see you. If you’re standing there like you don’t know you’re at a BSB concert, it will make them sad. DON’T MAKE A BACKSTREET BOY SAD.

Should I Do VIP Meet and Greet or an Ultimate Afterparty Package?!

This is really subjective. The experience that’s right for you depends on what you want out of it. So let’s break it down…


PRO – We didn’t feel like we were wasting our time waiting around. Once we were checked in, we got our drinks and got to hang out in a room with our friends until it was time to meet the BSB.

PRO – We were fresh. By fresh, I mean we weren’t dancing around at a concert and sweating for three hours before we met the Boys. Our faces were still in place and body parts were stilled tucked in properly.

PRO – The professional photo with all five guys. We trust Justin Segura with our VIP lives.

PRO – Souvenirs! The photobooth gifs have been making their way onto every fan’s social media and we really want that thing on tour (and in our houses).

CON – The concert HAS to start on time. If the Backstreet Boys are running behind, your experience may be a little tighter time wise. However, we will say that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick are very considerate if there’s something you’re trying to say to them and will do their best to give you a chance.

CON – No candids. Because your meet and greet experience is individual, it’s up to you to remember everything that happened.


PRO: You’re in the VIP section….WITH the Backstreet Boys! You can’t really understand what a perk this is until you’re there, but Chateau can get REALLY crowded on the weekends. Because you’re in this section, you’re treated like an actual VIP with the BSB present

.PRO: Selfies! Who doesn’t love a good selfie with a BSB? It’s instant and you can make sure you’re getting your best side. The Boys have been really good with trying to get selfies with anyone who wants one in the VIP.

PRO: Your friends have your back. As we mentioned before, in the VIP meet and greet, you’re going in individually and holding it down on your own. It’s GREAT for the pic and the experience, but sucks if you can’t remember a thing. One our favorite parts about the afterparty is that if you’re chatting with / dancing with / in the vicinity of your favorite Backstreet Boy, your friend (or maybe a stranger) can snap a shot so you can remember forever!

PRO: There ain’t no party like a Backstreet party! Everyone is high off of the concert, but the atmosphere is chill, not as regimented and allows the Boys to come to you.

CON: You might be tired. After a whole day and dancing all night, a club in Vegas might be the last thing you want to do. It’s something to consider.

CON: Selfies are likely, but not guaranteed. While the Boys DO try to come to you, if you hang back, you might miss out.

CON: You never know who might show up. It could be one BSB, it could be four or five. If it’s important to you to meet ALL five, the AP is not for you.

We listed pros and cons to try to break it down into things you might not think about, but truth be told, the pro side on both experiences FAR outweigh the cons. They’re really just terms of preference.

If your priority is to meet all five Backstreet Boys, 100% look great in a professional photo, have a more managed experience and time to hang with your friends in a quieter environment, VIP Meet and Greet is for you.

If your priority is to hang out with a few Backstreet Boys in a party atmosphere late into the night with a chill vibe and less structure, but still an intimate VIP section setting, the Ultimate Party Package will not disappoint.


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