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Australian Country Trio to Make U.S. Debut in Nashville May 6, 2019

“Coming to perform in Nashville and the thought of having our music played to the American public is a lifelong dream for us.” - AUDIO VIXEN

Audio Vixen

With talent bursting at every corner of the globe, what makes an artist stand out amongst others? Meet siblings Ria, Christine & Ross Pirrelli, from the Australian music group Audio Vixen. '
Accomplished songwriters, indie recording artists, 4x Award winning performers for Best Vocal Group at the Australian Club Entertainment Awards and Finalists at the 2011 Australian The X Factor series, this Sydney-based Australian group are most definitely a group who can stand tall and hold their own at any level of the ever changing and challenging music industry. In addition to achieving national exposure in Australia on the channel seven networks and through their appearance on The X Factor, the siblings have always been very much involved in the Australian music scene. Along with their parents, veteran entertainers Jay and Gisele; Ria, Christine and Ross have performed on stages of major events and clubs around Australia and overseas since a very young age (Ria and Christine both started at the age of 4, having worked with artists such as Human Nature) while Ross joined them in his early high school years, after appearing in a string of TV series in Australia including the hit series “Snobs”, where he starred as one of the leading characters, “Water Rats”, “All Saints” and “Home and Away”, where he played the young villain Matthew Lyons. The experience of working on stage with their parents for many years, has given them the opportunity to learn about the craft of entertainment, harmonies, dynamics, performance technique and most importantly, an understanding of how the industry they are so passionate about works.

Audio Vixen released their first EP in United States on February 1 titled The Colour of Sound: The Country Collection, a brilliantly produced album of original songs written, arranged and produced by all three members of the group. What makes this album so unique is not just the diversity of songs, but also Audio Vixen’s fabulous blend of vocals. When you listen to each individual member of the group, vocally they couldn’t be more different from each other. Audio Vixen continues to perform around Australia at major venues, special events and festivals, but also on cruise ships, clubs and corporate events where they get the opportunity to present their shows “The Classic Rock Show” and “The Music of Family Legends” which pay tribute to the music of the many artists whom they admire including Shania Twain, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Coldplay, Lady Antebellum, and more. In 2013, they were invited by Bee Gee’s legend Barry Gibb, to be his support act for his Australian Mythology tour. At the end of the tour, Barry recorded an endorsement video message for Audio Vixen in which he says, “I love Audio Vixen; I love their version of our song “The Morning of My Life”, I hope we do many more shows together.” Ria, Christine and Ross said performing on the same stage is an experience they will always treasure Though many have compared Audio Vixen’s fabulous harmonies to some of the super groups such as those mentioned above, Audio Vixen are a group who has crafted their own unique sound. Like every artist, Audio Vixen strives for perfection; they take pride in their music and in their roots, which helps keep them humble and appreciative of their fans and those who are open to embracing new music by new artists. They look forward to the opportunity of introducing their music to new fans in the U.S. and throughout the world.
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