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In my twenty-six years of reviewing live concert events, I have yet to see one of the greatest classic rock bands to come out of the 1970’s. I am not sure what to expect. So many bands have disappointed over the years. I mean, you don’t expect them to sound exactly like the record you listened to over twenty-thirty years ago, but to at least sound something reminiscent of those recordings. Tonight, we are here at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts inWest Palm Beach, Florida. Up for review this evening…. The classic rock                                                                                         band, YES. 

The Kravis Center is one of the best venues that West Palm Beach has to offer. With its opulent décor and amazing acoustics, this is one place to see a band, musical, or comedy event. Lights go out and the members of YES take the stage to an ovation before a single note is played. The majesty and awe of Rick Wakeman, Jon Anderson, and Trevor Rabin could not keep the fans in their seats. The music to Perpetual Change starts to play and still keeps the fans standing at attention throughout the song. Impressive vocals by the legendary Jon Anderson are spot-on and, like fine wine, have certainly gotten better with age. Guitarist Trevor Rabin is just warming up and working the guitar to its full potential, while Keyboard-genius Rick Wakeman, donning an amazing black and silver cape, fingered the keys of what looks to be at least seven keyboards that surround him in a circle. Behind the band is a large screen that is shaped like a big clam shell projecting psychedelic                                             colors and shapes and blends well with the music arrangements.

 The stage set up is very basic, no frills, which is exactly what you want from a band of this caliber. You don't need set- candy to take away from the music. It speaks on its own and delivers. The concert continued with Hold On, Heart of the Sunrise, Rhythm of Love, and You and I. After nearly every song, the crowd followed with a standing ovation in support of this iconic band. YES not only looks to the past by performing iconic, classic songs, but brings them to the modern day, reminding us of the true importance of this music. YES rounded out the evening by leaving the absolute best for last. I Am Waiting, Awaken, and Owner of a Lonely Heart were played to perfection. During the entire performance, Wakeman had no facial expression whatsoever. He came here to do what he needed to do, and did just that. Played his ass off! By this time though, a smile started to how on his face and he became more animated. He strapped on a wireless, fretted keyboard that allowed him to leave the stage and walk amongst the joyful audience, reaching out to touch                                                                                  their musical hero.

 The performance ended with the bands signature song from 1971, Roundabout. Needless to say that even once the band left the stage and the house lights went up, fans were still on their feet and begging for yet another encore. All in all, this was one fantastic night of music that will surely have fans coming back for                                                                                                more. 

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                         Many thanks go out to Elizabeth Dashiell for making this review possible.