Magic City Casino / WAR Concert Review

Once again, the Magic City Casino has managed to bring amazing music to Miami. As part of the Legends Of Music Festival, the legendary band WAR took the stage last night and gave the people of Miami a taste of Los Angeles. With the original singer, Lonnie Jordan, fronting the band, WAR left the masses clamoring for more.

The L.A. based band enterer the Stage 305 venue, located in the Magic City Casino, to a sold-out crowd. This is only the second time that I have seen this venue filled to capacity. Lynyrd Skynyrd is the only other band that I have seen fill this venue. Stage 305 is best described as a "Living room". A very intimate venue, it only seats a little under eight hundred people and is located on the second floor of the casino. the first impression I got of this venue is that it is reminiscent of a New York-style loft. The acoustics are absolutely amazing, so if you can ever get out here to see a concert, you will be doing yourself a great favor.

This venue is the perfect atmosphere for this kind of band.  With their drums, bongos, and horns, the high ceilings allow the rich sound to bounce off the top and back down again, giving it the surround-sound effect

Lonnie Jordan and WAR left blod and sweat on this stage as they killed the crowd with all of their hits. Amazing songs like "Spill The Wine", "The Cisco Kid", "Low Rider", "Tobacco Road", "Slippin' Into Darkness" were received with thunderous applause. The band encored with the much-loved favorite "Why Can't We Be Friends", which received a standing ovation.

After the show, we were privileged to meet the band (We were fortunate to meet them last year for the first time). Lonnie Jordan and the WAR boys were coming down from their concert "high" and on their cell phones checking messages and emails while noshing on the catering provided. Jordan opened a bottle of wine and began to serve it to those in the room, I mean, after all, it was his birthday tonight as well. When the wine was poured out, we all began to sing Happy Birthday to the legendary, original singer/songwriter and held our glasses high in his honor.

We all talked and reminisced about the old days and the band's longevity in this business. At the end of the night, Lonnie Jordan and the entire band, who is on the ballot this year for induction in to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, signed a guitar for me. I got a gift and it wasn't even my birthday! :).

A class-act of musicians and human beings exist within this band of brothers. When they come to your town, you owe it to yourself to see them. They are AMAZING!

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Many thank go out to Kimberly Christman for making this review possible. I look forward to working with you again.