REVOLUTION LIVE

Last night, Revolution Live did South Florida a solid by hosting one of the greatest rock/metal bands to grace their stage .In conjunction with the latest release of their album "Who You Selling For", The Pretty Reckless arrived to a sold-out venue that was ready to rock.


Singer Taylor Momsen appeared before the crowd after an hour-long wait. I come to find out later that Momsen, along with guitarist Ben Phillips, were both feeling under the weather and it became understandable why the audience was made to wait. Finally, the lights went out and the fans roared with excitement as the band hit the stage and the opening chords of "Follow Me Down" began to play.


Momsen showed no signs of feeling ill throughout her performance. The same could be said for Phillips as well. Momsen's vocals were on-point and just as full-throat and brashy as always. Wearing tight leather pants, a black leather top, and a long black leather trench coat that is something you would see out of "The Matrix", Momsen showed that she is no longer the eight year old that once played Cindy Lou Who in the motion picture hit "How The Grinch Stole Christmas".


Shooting photos of this show were difficult. The lighting was great except for the fact that it rarely shone upon her face for the first two songs, the allotted time allowed by management for us to shoot photos. Perhaps that was due to the fact that she was not feeling well. Nevertheless, as the show progressed, the lights found their way to her angelic, yet devilishly beautiful face.


The Pretty Reckless followed with the songs "Since Your Gone" and "Oh My God". All the while, the crowd singing along with the band word for word. Here is the set list that rocked Revolution Live on a Thursday night…


  1. Follow Me Down
  2. Since Your Gone
  3. Oh My God
  4. Make Me Wanna Die
  5. My Medicine
  6. Sweet Things
  7. Living In The Storm
  8. Heaven Knows
  9. Going To Hell
  10. Take Me Down
  11. Fucked Up World (Included an AMAZING drum solo)



The night was filled with impressive music and musicianship. The band stayed in the pocket the entire time and never faltered from their mission to provide their fans with the best performance they could give. Momsen's vocals never strayed and exhibited such power and control. There is no doubt in my mind that The Pretty Reckless are going to kick ass in the months to come and elevate their already impressive catalogue and fan base to heights this group of stellar musicians have ever witnessed.


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Many thanks go to Ken Phillips for making this review possible.