THE PETTY HEARTS



                                                                      TOM PETTY


On October 2, 2017, the world lost yet another music giant. At 66 years old, Tom Petty passed away from the effects of cardiac arrest and the music world is still coming to grips with his untimely death. For those that were not fortunate enough to see Petty during his lifetime are surely kicking themselves in the ass right about now.

Last night, Tom Petty was resurrected. America’s definitive Tom Petty tribute band The Petty Hearts, invaded the iHeart radio station in Miramar and astounded the crowd for ninety minutes of pure Petty hits.

Petty Hearts, made up of singer TJ Cronin, lead guitarist Anthony Pangilinan, keyboardist Dave Glaid, drummer Doug Arnson, and bassist Chris Wright came out to perform as part of iHeart Radio’s iHeart Tribute Tuesday’s when the station brings out a different tribute band every month. Needless to say, the timing of this event could not have come at a better time, especially with the very recent departure of Petty.

The Petty Hearts began their set with Listen To Her Heart. The audience immediately turned up and there was no going back from there. Change Of Heart, Don't Do Me Like That, and Even The Losers were songs that followed.

The Petty Hearts brought out all of Petty’s number one’s and then some. A great surprise to the song line-up was the addition of the Traveling Wilbury’s song, Handle Me With Care performed amazingly by bassistChris Wright. His vocals were reminiscent of George Harrison while vocalist TJ Cronin filled in as the legendary Roy Orbison.

All the great Petty songs, Breakdown, Free Fallin’, Here Comes The Girl, and Refugee were so accurately represented here. Every song, note for note was just as amazing as if Petty were there himself. TJ Cronin’s vocals…. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Tom Petty is giving a standing ovation to him from the heavens above. The Petty Hearts closed the show with the fitting American Girl.

iHeart Radio Tribute Tuesday’s will continue next month with Roll The Stones, a Rolling Stones Tribute band. Listen to Big 105.9 for your chance to call in and win your way into next months iHeart Tribute Tuesday’s concert. With admission, you get free drinks and BBQ, plus one amazing concert performance in the Southwest Airlines Sound Stage.

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