THE MOODY BLUES  ALBUM
                  "THE DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED"


                                  HARD ROCK LIVE!

Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Fl. - 

Without a doubt, "Days Of Future Passed" is The Moody Blues blueprint for album success. This is one of the band's best-selling albums and is truly favored amongst fans. This album is now fifty years old and although the songs are quite dated, they still sound fresh and stand tall with today's music. The Moody Blues performed this landmark album in it's entirety last night at Hard Rock Live located at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Needless to say, this performance was something to see and hear.

Tonight's show was remarkedly packed for a mid-week concert. Ninety percent of the venue was filled, which holds about 5,500 concertgoers. The merchandise table was buzzing with fans clamoring for a piece of anything Moody Blues related. Shirts, posters, CD's, and hats were among the items offered. I personally bought two 45 rpm records by Moody bassist John Lodge. The best thing about this purchase was that they were both signed by Lodge.

It was time to take our seats and as we did, the lights went out, the crowd roared with cheers and applause, and the band took the stage. The band arrived to a standing ovation even before a single note of music was played. This gives you an idea of the love that Moody Blues fans have for this legendary group of musicians. Grabbing their instruments after acknowledging thier ovation, the band right away goes into "I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock N Roll Band) followed by "Tha Voice", "I Know You're Out There Somewhere", and "Say It With Love", and a few others ,before ending with "Your Wildest dreams". A Large screen behind the band has carefully synched video of some of the most beautiful images nature has to offer to coinside with the live music playing. This show is an auditory experience as well as a visual. What a way to start the show! 

This show is being presented in two halves, with a twenty minute intermission in between. During the break, the large screen paid tribute to singer/songwriter/flutist Ray Thomas, who passed last week from prostate cancer, by announcing that the second half of the show would be dedicated to Thomas.

The second half of the show featured the album "Days Of Future Passed". The opening featured a four-minute video of the prelude "The Day Begins" which was beautifully narrated by Jeremy Irons. nearing the end of this presentation, the crowd erupted into applause while the band opened with "Dawn Is A Feeling". "(Evening) Time To Get Away", "The Sunset",  and "Twilight Time" rounded out this set before the iconic voice of Irons retured with video to introduce "Night's In White Satin".

The five minute song was the Hail-Mary of the evening and a perfect way to close this segment of music, along with a log standing ovation from the audience. The night comenced with the encores "Question" from 1970, and "Ride My See-Saw".

The one true fact that I can leave you with is that you must see this band before the days of passed become the future... and then it will be too late.