JOHN LENNON IS ALIVE!


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                                   A miraculous wrinkle in time returns him to us on December 8, 2020

                               Everyone is talking about the controversial new novel Saint John Lennon!

Celebrate the life of John Lennon and the Beatles. Dance and sing all night to more than 20 artists and bands                                                       performing classic Lennon and Beatles tunes.

                Prizes will be awarded for 60s and 70s dress-up, and best Beatle look alike contests.

 Check out the controversial new time-travel novel Saint John Lennon at its official launch. The author and co-                                                         writer will be on-hand for a book signing.

                                          Help! It’s a Big Dog Ranch Rescue benefit! (

     December 8 is the anniversary of John Lennon's murder. What would be hope for us? His message "Love                          is the answer" is today's desperately needed antidote to what ails the world

  It's about time we bring creativity to our discussions about how to achieve peace and stability. Considering       mass shootings, threats of terrorism, domestic violence, and the degradation of our environment, it is                                   evident our traditional ways of addressing these challenges aren't effective.

The newly released novel Saint John Lennon  a compelling mix of history of fact, fantasy, and  music reminds   us "We are all one". On the 40th anniversary of John Lennon"s passing, he appears in front of the Dakota in      New York City and begins a nonstop adventure that is thrilling, intriguing, humorous, and heartbreaking.               This epic, time-travel fantasy gives us a glimpse of the future if we continue with our present policies.

          Baby boomers, Beatles fans old and new, John Lennon admires, and anyone inspired by the                                     peace movement will be captivated by this fast-paced, can't-put-it-down romp!

           Author Daniel Hartwell is a renowned concert promoter and positive living specialist. He lives on                                                                                  an Ocean Beach in Florida.

               Co-writer Roseann Bottone, is an environmentalist and former Peace Corps Volunteer. She                                                                             lives in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. 

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