ROCKFEST 8o's

                   TURNS C.B. SMITH PARK INTO

                            BROWARD COUNTY'S

                       BIGGEST ROCK FESTIVAL

                                     ONCE AGAIN!


     With bands  and performers like Lita Ford, 38. Special, Cheap Trick, And Joan Jett,

                        there was nothing but a rockin' good time at C.B. Smith Park

Day one of Rockfest 80’s started with rumors buzzing among the early concertgoers that there were some unannounced cancellations by some of the performers. The word was that an Bach and Quiet Riot backed off and were not attending. People might have thought this because the afternoon before, a press release was issued that stated Lynyrd Skynyrd unfortunately had to cancel their slot because band member Gary Rossington was hospitalized in the ICU of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital for an undisclosed abdominal illness. Once this was announced, the other rumors started to fly.

The end result of the rumors proved to be false. Everyone that was scheduled to perform did show up. The only glitch in the line up was the fact that Quiet Riot was late and the other headliners had to stretch their sets to accommodate the time gap. At this time, no one really knew if Quiet Riot was going to show. Out of nowhere, the band shows up, but was turned away because the schedule had already been rearranged and there was no way to fit them into the time slot.

With all of the rumors behind us now, it was time for local Florida band Stellar Revival to take the stage. I must admit that I was not familiar with this band but from the first song to the last, I instantly became a fan. It is a shame that this band went on first when the crowd was light because this band can rock. I certainly look forward to connecting with this band in the future.

Have some of you out there ever see the movie Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg? In case some of you don't know, the next band to take the stage did all the vocals, and most of the songs featured in that kick-ass film. Steelheart is the name of this band and they took to the stage with a vengeance. The band did several songs from the film, including the soundtrack hit, “ We All Die Young”. Singer Miljenco Matijevic was on point with vocals and performed beyond what was expected of him. His vocal range is insane!

With Quiet Riot out of the mix, Dokken hit the stage and tore it up. They played many of their hits like “Alone Again”, “In My Dreams”, and “Dream Warriors”. Sebastian Bach is up next and, as always, brings his amazing vocals to the table and delivers.

With darkness approaching, the two remaining performers are on the sidelines and getting ready to rock it into the night. Classic rockers Cheap Trick are now on stage and belting out their biggest hits. Guitarist Rick Neilsen is in high-energy and commanding both sides of the stage, while Robin Zander’s vocals deliver his signature sound.

While Cheap Trick is on stage, Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Joan Jett is doing a meet and greet with lucky fans and then warms up her vocals in advance. At the M&G, Joan is very soft spoken and relaxed, but the moment she takes the stage, she transforms into a wildcat of rock fury. “Bad Reputation”, “ Light of Day”, and “ Crimson and Clover” kicked off the set to what was the best performance of the day. Joan Jett finished with her hits “I Love Rock n Roll”, and “ I Hate Myself For Lovin’ You”. All-in-all, a great day of music.

In addition to the great musical line-ups, there were food vendors and bars throughout CB Smith Park. Everything from pulled pork, to Italian sausage, and even choices for vegetarians were offered. A merchandise tent also offered swag from most of the bands that played and also had commemorative t-shirts featuring the Rockfest 80’s lineup and logo.

It is now day two and the whole day ran very smooth and without the drama of the day before. The lineup today featured Modern Day Outlaws, Mr. nice Guy, Jack Russell’s Great White, the amazing Lisa Ford, classic rock band Foghat, Little River Band, Outlaws, and 38. Special. Originally Lynyrd Skynyrd was to take the last spot as headliner but due the forementioned reason, 38. Special was summoned at the last moment, with only hours notice, to fill the available slot.

The crowd this year was not as impressive as last year and that may be due to the Las Vegas tragedy that is ill so fresh in the minds of the general public. Be assured that coming out to these kinds of events are extremely safe. Security at this event was very thorough, but not overbearing. If we continue to show fear in the face of these individuals who seek to do us harm, they will always win and that will continue to fuel the minds and egos of these individuals. The performers are just as vulnerable, if not more, than we are. Let's show them that they cannot take our freedom away from us by supporting outdoor festivals. Looking forward to seeing all of you out there in the coming year. Rockfest is already scheduling bands for next year and for a grunge-style fest in March. Details on both to follow soon.

Many thanks go out to Melissa Sweredowski and Rockfest producer/promoter Roy Anthony for making this                                                              one of the best festival values around.