TRIBUTE BAND PURE HEART



Pure Heart Tribute band performs all the timeless favorites by the iconic group Heart, led by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Pure Heart Tribute is a 6 piece band based in south Florida. Featuring Alexis Mitchell - lead vocals, Robyn Fear - guitar and vocals, Mylo Anthony - bass and vocals, Denis Casaubon - Keys, Mike McAuliffe - guitars and keys, Anthony Vomero - Drums. 

The bands musical director, Mylo Anthony, took time out of his touring scedule to talk with Click on the RED LINK BAR ABOVE to hear the interview in ity's entirety.

Come out to the 105.9 Soundstage at the iHeart Radio Station in Miramar, Florida this Tuesday night to cach a live performance by South Floridas own Pure Heart, the Nations numbert one Heart Tribute Band. You can expect to hear the music of Heart in all it's glory with note for note reproductions of Heart's classic hits.

PURE HEART is a fully committed and dedicated Heart Tribute Event Band performing all the Amazing decades of music of Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart the original band and their progressed bands) and their performance emulations, not an easy task by any measure!

Pure Heart Tribute band is based in Fort Lauderdale Florida, and was formerly known as Lifeline. The band features the powerhouse vocals of Alexis Mitchell in the role of Ann Wilson, the iconic lead singer of Heart. The newest band member to join the Pure Heart Tribute band team is vocalist and guitarist Robyn Fear. Robyn is a natural fit in the role of Nancy Wilson, fluidly covering guitar parts and harmony vocals. Band leader Mylo Anthony covers bass and additional vocals, Denis Casaubon handles keyboard work, Mike McAuliffe doubles up on keyboards and guitar, and Anthony Vomero keeps the beat on drums.

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