Peter Cetera warms a cold crowd at Magic City Casino in Miami

Last night Peter Cetera, former singer of the band CHICAGO, drew heavy applause and braved the coldest weather that South Florida has seen this year to wow the audience with his amazing vocals and decades-long set-list of great hits.

Cetera took to the outdoor stage in 50 degree weather to unlease a barrage of fantastic music from both the band CHICAGO and from his solo career. For a moment there... it almost didn't happen.

You see, because of the terribly dangerous blizzard conditions that are happening at this time up North, Cetera and his crew were issued a flight cancellation notification and were left wondering what to do. Should they stay put and cancell the show, or forge on and find an alternative way to get to Miami? Well, as they say in show business... The show must go on.

Ctera and his crew rented a van and drove nearly 16 hours straight to make it to Miami in the nick of time. This just goes to show the true showmanship and dedication that Cetera has for his fans.

Cetera brought out his A-game. His setlist included "25 or 6 to 4", "Youre The Inspiration", "After All", "Glory O Love" from the Karate Kid soundtrack, "Daddy's Girl", and "Next Time I Fall". Bundled up in a leather suit jacket, Cetera sang beautifully and played several intruments throughout the night. His vocals were as clear and vibrant as it was back in the seventies. The nearly sold-out event brought the crowd to their feet as Cetera walked off the stage and left the crowd wanting more. His two hour performance was well worth braving the cold weather to have a really hot time.

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Many thanks go out to Arisley Juarez and the Magic City Casino for making this review possible.