KIX is back and playing Pompano Beach Amphitheater on August, 28 with Slaughter, and LA Guns. The band is touring in support of their first release in almost twenty years! The bands album, Rock Your Face Off is already a hit with fans. In advance of their performance, guitarist Brian Forsythe took some timeout of his busy schedule to do a quick interview with us.


Q: As a kid, did you know that you wanted to be in a band?

Yes, from about 6 years old I knew this is what I wanted to do. Before that I wanted to be a garbage man, seriously! I would watch them come by and pick up our trash, with the guys hanging on the back of the truck, then jumping off and running to grab the trash cans, then running and jumping back on the truck as it took off up the street. It looked like fun! But then I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and that changed everything!

Q: Who were some of your music heroes that mave helped to shape your musical Style?

As a guitar player I have many influences. Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Dicky Betts & Duane Allman, Allen Collins & Gary Rossington, Angus, Freddie King, etc. The list goes on! But one of my biggest influences who stands out from the rest of them is Billy Gibbons.

Q: You are currently on tour right now in support of your new album, "Rock Your Face Off".It has been nearly twenty years since your last release. Why is now the right time for this album?

I don’t know if we had a conscious thought about it being the right time. It was something that just came along and once we started working on it, the momentum picked up and before we knew it, we had a new record!  Putting out the “Live in Baltimore” DVD got us thinking about it initially.

Q: How does this album differ from KIX's other albums?

The main difference is that we no longer have Donnie Purnell in the band who was the main song writer in the past. So this time we all had to jump in and contribute. Mark Schenker, who took Donnie’s place in the band, was a real asset in the song writing area.

Q: The video for "Love Me With Your Top Down" kicks ass! The band must have had a ball making the video...

“Love Me With Your Top Down” was the first single but the video for that one was just a lyric video. You may be thinking about the “Wheels In Motion” video which was a performance video. That one was a blast to make! They used 5 cameras including GoPros. We actually played it live while we were filming it just to make it look more real and then synced the album track to it later.

Q: What is it like to play with Lita Ford, LA Guns, and Slaughter?

It’s always a good time! We’re all from the same musical era and have known each other since the ‘80s so it’s like a big musical family & friends! And our audiences cross over which is a plus!

Q: After this tour, what is next for you and KIX?

I wouldn’t really call this a tour. We’re not out on the road for an extended period of time like the old days. We fly in for weekends, play a couple shows then fly home for the week. This way we can keep it going consistently all year long without burning ourselves out. I’m sure there will be another KIX record sometime in the future but we haven’t really thought about that yet. I also play with Rhino Bucket and we’re getting ready to record another record as soon as I get a break from KIX. Other than that, we will continue to do what we’ve been doing, which is getting out there and playing live shows and rockin’ everybody’s face off!