Jesse James Dupree and the band JAKYL will play the Pompano Beach Amphitheater this Friday night. Singer/Guitarist Jesse James Dupree took time out of his busy schedule to do a quick interview with Rock Band Reviews. Here it is...

Q: How is Jesse James Bourbon doing?

A: The bourbon’s going great, We have already sold over 100,00 cases. I don’t think that anyone expected that it would have exploded like it did. We’ve got a honey bourbon and a spiced bourbon and all the different sizes the half-gallons down to the airplane minis and the whole bit so it’s pretty exciting.

Q: How did you come to incorporate a chainsaw into your music?


Q: It kinda happened out of the blue one night at a nightclub. We were just using the chainsaw to cut some stuff up. And luckily it was right around the time that we were doing the first album so the rest is history. 


Q: You guys are constantly touring, constantly on the road, looking at your tour dates, I mean, Jackyl has a Guinness World Record for most live shows..100 in 50 my first question do you guys do it? How do you keep going at this record pace? I mean, the knees to the breeze, pedal to the metal, 24/7..what motivates you to keep going?

A: Well, you know, if the truth be told, my only real qualification in life is either driving nails or pouring concrete. That’s what I’ve done...that’s what I did before I was able to be blessed with success in the music business, so every day that I wake up and I don’t have to pour concrete or drive nails..(laughs) a day that I take as big a bite out of life’s ass as I can. I used to look down at my hands that would be cracked with the sulfur from pouring concrete, they’d be calloused up and bleeding from the damn, from swinging the hammer all day, and I used to say “one day.”..and when that day came, I never looked back, and every day that I open my eyes, I swear to God I think.I’m afraid I’m gonna open my eyes one day and it’s all going to have been a dream and there’s gonna be a guy outside my door honking the horn and I’m gonna have to go get in the truck and  drive nails or pour concrete. So when I wake up and I get past that initial shock that I don’t have to go pour concrete, I realize, oh, no, I get to get up and  I get to play with this big sound system, this big light show, I get to go do this in store promotion, or I get to tell the people about this liquor I’m celebrating that belongs to people that bust their knuckles 40, 50 hours a week or more..I mean, it comes from an honest place, you know..when I say that, I’m not just talking some line of shit. I’ll go one step further, I almost feel guilty at night when I lay down..not almost, I DO..I feel guilty at night when I lay down if I don’t lay down feeling completely worn out from work, and when you’re not slinging a hammer or pouring concrete, you know, you have to work even longer hours to get worn out, so I work 24/7.


Q: What do you attribute your staying power to? Was it simply the desire to succeed that you mentioned earlier?

A: I think that’s it’s more the reality that we didn’t base our success on whether or not we’ve been a critic’s choice, or whether or not we’ve been the flavor of the day on radio..I think we’ve been focused on the people in front of us that come out and see us, so I don’t think it’s relative to anything other than that one on one connection that we have with the audience, and when you base it on those standards, nobody can take that away. It’s never been about a record company dumping a ton of money on us, it’s never been about the critics, it’s never been about the charts- although we’ve been blessed to have a bunch of top ten hits, but it’s never been about that. It’s always been about the live show. I mean, if you think about it, they can’t take that away from you, and people can criticize if they, you know, get hung up on cliques or genres, or whatever the flavors of the day are,’s the bottom line: Jackyl is a celebration of the fundamentals of rock and roll. We will leave saving the world and curing cancer to U2. They can write music that miraculously cures global warming..and God bless them! More power to them for doing that! I personally don’t think that you can forsake what the fundamentals of rock and roll are all about- two guitars, bass and drum, that beat, a good time, a cold drink in your hand, a beautiful woman standing beside of you shaking her ass, you know, or, for the women, to go where there’s a bunch of rock and roll gentlemen in the house, whatever the case may be, but we are a celebration of the fundamentals of rock and roll, and if anyone has a problem with Jackyl, then they’re thinking about it way too fucking hard.


Q: What is going on with the “Full Throttle Saloon” tv series?

A: Well, we shot last year, we’ve been working on the edit and framing the show up..TruTv and Turner ended up having a bad run with laying off like 3500 people and they lost their contract with Dish Network for awhile, and so, we ended up getting caught up in that mess for a bit, and then they had a new president come in, and he took the network more like, you know, Impractical Jokers, and stuff like that, and so we ended up pulling the show, cause, you know, they don’t own this show, we do, so we ended up pulling it back and we’ve just been looking for another network home for it, we just haven’t settled on one yet


Q: How many chainsaws do you take on tour? Do you have a stunt chainsaw? Is it just the one?

A: I generally carry  a primary and a back up. But there has been times where I’ve had more than that out.. I seem to always be breaking one, so there’s always a back up.





Jackyl has announced that their brand new album, ‘ROWYCO,’ will be released on August 5th via Mighty Loud Records. ‘ROWYCO’ (let us know when you figure this one out!) is the FATTEST sounding record to date for the band. “This will be an exciting year,” predicts lead singer Jesse James Dupree. “With the album’s release timing perfectly with the grand opening of the Full Throttle Saloon, in Sturgis, South Dakota. The original location burned to the ground last year AND they are building back bigger and better than ever.” 

The Full Throttle Saloon enjoyed a 6 year run of a hit reality television show of the same name, which documented owner Michael Ballard and Jesse’s struggles to get the bar up, running and profitable during the world’s largest motorcycle rally.

The first single off of ‘ROWYCO,’ “Rally,” is the perfect song to kick off summer, as it’s time to rally for ROCK! “There is not a better song than ‘Rally’ to set the pace for an incredible summer 2016,” exclaims Jesse. So crank that bitch up!” To hear the new single and to pre-order the album, visit the following links:





And as far as the album as a whole, “It's a Jackyl record at its core, but there are some tracks, lyrically, that I went a little deeper on a personal level with some things I had going on at the time. It is the thickest sounding production that we have ever recorded. It’s just a huge slice of rock. ‘ROWYCO’ is a very diverse album and every track has its purpose.”

And with Jesse and co. set to continue their latest tour on June 8th in Pennsylvania, this is shaping up to be the summer of Jackyl!


‘ROWYCO’ Tracklist:



"All Night Rodeo”

"Ahead of My Time”

"Just Because I'm Drunk”

"Everyone's A Winner”


"Hammer To The Head”


"Blast Off”


JACKYL Tour Dates:

7/13/2016 Erie, PA Roar on the Shore  

7/15/2016 Mineral Wells, WV WV Interstate Fair

7/16/2016 Marion, IN Brandt's I-69 Harley Davidson

7/22/2016 Pompano Beach, FL Pompano Beach Ampitheatre

7/23/2016 Comstock, NE Comstock is Back Festival at 2nd Wind Ranch

7/29/2016 Van Wert, OH Wetzelland 30th Anniversary Motorcycle Rally

7/30/2016 New Albany, IN The Backyard

8/19/2016 Milford, IA Boji Bay Fun Pavillion

9/1/2016 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom

9/2/2016 Manhattan, KS RC McGraw's

9/3/2016 Clear Lake, IA The Surf Ballroom

9/6/2016 Minot, ND The O'Riginal Bar & Nightclub

9/9/2016 Hinckley, MN Grand Casino Hinckley Amphitheatre

9/17/2016 Sunrise Beach, MO Picklehead's Roadhouse

11/25/2016 Indianapolis, IN 8 Second Saloon