GUITAR AMPLIFIER

Chris Pendergast, the creator/inventor of the revolutionary guitar amplifier known as JAMSTACK, is about to become a well-known to those that love to sling wood and metal to their backs. In an exclusive interview we talk with Pendergast to find out what all the buzz is about this new guitar amplifier that is sure to catch the attention of the industry once it hits the market sometime in August 2017.

To hear our conversation about JAMSTACK, click on the blue link button above. Here is a brief synopsis about JAMSTACK....

JamStack is the world's first attachable guitar amplifier to integrate seamlessly with a smart phone for incredible effects, shockingly good tone, and total portability. 


Electric guitars can be a pain to set up. All the required equipment like cables, pedals, power outlets and amplifiers take up space and limit where and when you can play. The JamStack solves that problem, letting guitarists and bassists play whenever they feel inspired. It also provides the ability to play to backtracks and can connect to a microphone and even electric violin.

Easy Set-up:

JamStack is a lightweight, portable amplifier that connects to the base of an electric guitar (or bass) in seconds. Weighing under 2lbs. (900 grams), the amp fits on the strap button at the bottom of most guitars using a spring load system and soft mount to protect from scratches. Adjust the smartphone mount and connect two short cords to the phone and guitar’s output and you are ready to jam!

The JamStack runs 8-hours on a single charge and works with iOS, Windows, Android, and iPhone Touch. Its 10-watt speaker is designed to sound great at high AND low volume. It’s not distorted like a mini-amp, so guitarists can sound as good practicing in the middle of the night at low volume as they would jamming alongside other instruments on the street. Since it is so small and light, the JamStack fits in a guitar case making it perfect for road trips, parties, entertainers and jamming with friends in the park.

Layer Effects:

Pair the JamStack with apps like AmpliTube and AmpKit to add layered effects like drum beats without wasting time on levels. Back tracks won’t drop out like regular amps! And since the phone is right on the guitar body, guitarists can set up loops on the fly, perform sequined samples, or record and share music effortlessly. JamStack helps recreate virtually any guitar sound without the need for a lot of computer equipment. The smartphone connection also lets musicians record and share their music easily with just a few swipes.

It’s great for new guitar players too! Adjust the phone to can hear the lesson and follow along on the screen. It even works as a great tuner! Plus, JamStack can be paired with Bluetooth to double as an ultra- premium Bluetooth speaker for sharing tunes wirelessly.

What’s Next:

JamStack is taking pre-orders on a new Indiegogo campaign through June 23, 2017. They have a working prototype and high-end manufacturer lined up so the first customers will receive JamStacks in August. Inventor, Chris Prendergast, is working with investors and partners to expand the first manufacturing run. He is also doing media interviews and will appear on Canadian TV’s Dragons’ Den in Fall 2017.  

Company History:

Chris Prendergast founded JamStack out of a desire to add layered effects to his electric guitar sounds without expensive computer equipment. Using his background in electrical engineering, Chris built a custom guitar by drilling a hole for a speaker and a smartphone. To make it more accessible to all guitar lovers, Chris hacked together an attachable cardboard version that eventually led to the JamStack.

A 2016 Kickstarter campaign raised more than 325% of its goal which led to a second successful funding campaign on Indiegogo. Overwhelming support and an experienced design team will soon bring it to market to let musicians play whenever they get inspired.  

About Chris:

Chris Prendergast is an inventor, a teacher, a musician and an inspiration to young minds.

His passion for experimental hands-on learning landed him a job traveling throughout Canada teaching students how to build Lego robotics. He’s also coached 6-robotics teams and speaks often about inventing and entrepreneurship.

Chris has been recognized for his inventions with numerous television appearances starting when he was child, including: Discovery channel’s Daily Planet, Science Max and  TVO Kids. He has been interviewed with the JamStack on High Tech Toys, Toronto television and international radio stations.

Chris got his physics degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, and a teaching degree at the University of Western Ontario in Perth. His love of guitar stretches back 15 years and includes 3-years in a local band called the Death Valley Yacht Club.