Whenever I am asked what my favorite singer/songwriter is, the list, while not long, makes for a difficult choice to put one single artist in the number one position. It is easy to say, however that Jackson Browne is certainly in the top three. With Browne’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2004 and the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007, it goes to show why I place him so high in my list.

Since 1972, Browne has been writing music not only for himself, but for so many other artists as well. He continues to put out albums ( his latest release is titled Standing In The Breach), and continues to tour. Last night, I was privileged to see this great music legend live during his Acoustic Tour 2018 at Hard Rock Live located in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Jackson Brown took to the stage, grabbed an acoustic guitar and went right into the song For Everyman. Browne Is joined on this tour by renowned multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz by providing back up rhythm and leads and adding his own personal sound to the arrangements.  The duo then played These Days and Call It A Loan before rolling into a new song titled The Dreamer.

The Hard Rock Live arena was a hair short of full capacity. This is impressive to see when a concert happens on a weekday. Only the caliber of musicians that are on this stage tonight could bring people out during the week. Normally, a concert generally lasts two hours. This show went on from 8:10 pm to 11:00 pm, with a fifteen minute intermission. In most cases, the audience begins to wander out of the show after the 10:00 pm mark hits ( Understandably because we need to get up for work in the morning), but not tonight. The crowd stuck around till the end and were rewarded with a classic encore.

Some of the other songs featured tonight were Rock Me On The Water, The Naked Ride Home, Doctor My Eyes, and Leaving Winslow. Keep in mind that this is a solo acoustic tour. Most of the songs were long and drawn out and played at a slower pace than the way the song was originally written. There was a point during the performance where I pretty much began to close my eyes. The arrangements were so musically beautiful and peaceful that it was bound to happen. Oh well…

The encore of the night ended this evening perfectly with one of Jackson Browne’s most well known and biggest hits to come out of the Seventies… Running On Empty. Needless to say, after this song ended, that audience erupted with loud applause and gave a standing ovation to Browne and Leisz for what was a great performance of words and music by two amazingly talented musicians. If you can get out to see this fantastic show in your home town, I would run to the box office right now.

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