THIS PAST WEEKEND


As part of our continued effort to bring you the best in local entertainment, we look no further than our very own backyard. This week takes us back to one of our favorite places to see live music and enjoy great eats. Once again, we are here at the Hard Rock Café located in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Tonight we have the pleasure of rescuing a Philadelphia-based band from the bitter Northeast cold and embracing them with the warmth of South Florida. Gypsy Wisdom is the name of this band and for two nights, they blew the roof off of the Café and showed the crowd a great time.

Gypsy Wisdom is an eclectic band of musicians hailing from Philadelphia. Thor sole purpose is to show you the best time possible and leave you wanting more. Did they do that this weekend ta the Hard Rock Café? They sure did! This is one of the better bands that have been to the Café for this great series of bands being flown in to perform here on Friday & Saturday nights from 10 pm to 1 am. One of the perks for coming out to see these bands is that drinks are half-priced during that time, and the food is absolutely AMAZING!

Gypsy Wisdom is made up of band members Courtney Jansen - Lead Vocals, Danny Gunz - Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, John Mangan – Bass, and Steve Novoa - Guitar, Vocals, Keys. Their set list is just as eclectic as they are. They played everything from Sia to Fleetwood Mac to Tom Petty. With these guys, don't be afraid to shout out a song you want to hear, they can play anything. This is the type of entertainment that is available to you at the Hard Rock Café every Friday & Saturday night. You are depriving yourself of a great time if you DON’T come out.

Tonight I decided to have the chicken wings to munch on while the band played. I got between 8-12 wings with barbecue sauce, and included celery and carrot sticks with a side of ranch dressing. For my drink, I managed to put away three Long Island Iced Teas. I must say that this is the best Long Island You are going to find anywhere and is my drink of choice when coming to the Café.

Come out to the Café this weekend when the band Lifespeed will be on stage to take your requests and get you out on the dance floor. See you there.

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