Pompano Beach, FL. -  On the eve of the SuperMoon total lunar eclipse, fans of Crobot, Anthrax, & Motorhead came out in droves not only to worship the moon, but mainly to worship their musical heroes. A combination of stage lights and moon light made for a memory that fans will not soon forget.

The Pompano Beach Amphitheater (THE AMP) was the host of this head-bangin'  gathering of some of the finest musicians in the history of rock. CROBOT, ANTHRAX, and MOTORHEAD were the triple-threat that came to damage ear drums and leave a gallon of sweat on the stage. Fan dissappointment was not an option.

CROBOT was the first band to take the stage. Singer Brandon Yeagley was in fine form with his undeniebly magnetizing live set. Yeagley started his set with "The Legend of the Spaceborn Killer", followed by "Skull Of Geronimo", "Chupacabra", "La Mano De Lucifer", "Serpent Shepard", and ending with "Fly On The Wall". Although it was a short set, it was just long enough to get the crowd primed for what was to come next.

ANTHRAX was next in line to slay the fans. Their opening fist-pumper, "Madhouse", turned The Amp into just that. At one point during this song, a fanatic female jumped the barricade and tried to access the band but was quickly denied and escorted out of the photo pit. "Antisocial", "Medusa", and "Neon Knights" were also played among six other songs. ANTHRAX finished their  set with "Indians". There is no doubt that ANTHRAX left the fans wanting more. Thank goodness that MOTORHEAD was willing and able to fulfill their dark desire.

MOTORHEAD's legendary singer / bass player Lemmy Kilimister, Guitarist Phil Campbell, and drummer Mikkey Dee consumed the stage and brought pure, blood-curdling rock to the mass. Even with Lemmy's recent health issues and severe weight loss, there was no evidence that lemmy was anything but in great shape and his vocals and bass playing were on point. It was a little difficult to understand what Lemmy would say in  between the songs due to his heavy English accent, but other than that.... MOTORHEAD kicked ass!

The Amp was the perfect host for this ensemble of great rock music. It was filled to capacity with almost three thousand fans in attendance. You can expect more events like this in the coming year. Click the button below to see what is in store for the future at THE AMP.

Many thanks go out to Kay Renz for making this review possible.